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Family Programs offer a unique, engaging, and often unexpected museum experience, full of fresh perspectives, playful activities, and numerous opportunities for artistic and cultural enrichment. Our diverse offerings for families include lively concerts, innovative art workshops, and fun-filled Sunday programming.

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Our calendar of family concerts includes an eclectic range of hip kids’ music, performed by well-known, award-winning musicians.

Sundays and Special Family Days

Sundays are for families at the Jewish Museum! Join us for art workshops, family concerts, Dig Drop-In, our new Picture This! program, and immersive Family Days. Family Day celebrations focus on a temporary exhibition or holiday and include large-scale art workshops and hip kids’ performances.

Art Workshops

Create works of art together in our studio using an array of artists’ materials and techniques inspired by our exhibitions. Join us for our Studio Art Sessions on Sundays, vacation week programs, and Access Family Programs.

Picture This!

Create art in the studio, share ideas in the galleries, listen to storybook readings with selections from the PJ Library, and enjoy live music in this exciting new series.

Archaeological Dig

Discover our simulated archaeological dig and the treasures within during our Dig Drop-In program held every second Sunday of the month and Archaeology Mondays program once a month.

Children’s Exhibition

Archaeology Zone: Discovering Treasures from Playgrounds to Palaces, the Museum’s permanent exhibition for families, is inspired by our renowned collection of extraordinary artifacts. Discover artifacts from ancient times to the present day through interactive activities. Explore the Archaeological Dig programs.

Family Guides

When you visit the Museum, tour our exhibitions with a printed family guide, designed for families to use together while enjoying the art on view. You can also select and print your family guide in advance of your visit. Click on any thumbnail or title to download a PDF.

Tips for Parents

How can my children and I better engage with art as a family?

  • Follow your child’s lead. What sparks his or her interest?
  • Look closely. List what you notice in a work of art. Explore the colors, shapes, textures, and materials that you see. Discuss what is happening in a scene.
  • Take your time. Give your kids time to make close observations.
  • Choose a theme. Plan your Museum visit around an idea or topic, such as people, place, nature, color, shape or materials. Hunt for specific images or objects in the galleries. Discuss the artwork by asking questions related to your theme. For example: Find a work of art that involves something from nature such as an animal, tree or plant. Have you ever seen this animal or plant before? Where? How is this work of art similar or different from the real animal or plant?
  • Ask open-ended questions, such as: What do you think is interesting about this work of art? What do you think is happening in this scene? Does this remind you of anything?