Freedom Art Jam

Art & Dance Party for Passover


Sunday, March 29, 2015
12 – 4 pm
Scheuer Auditorium

Join us for our annual Passover extravaganza with art, music, and dancing! Set yourself free to the funky tunes of Baby Loves Disco DJs, hear the pop rock of The Macaroons, create a unique holiday artifact, add to a giant Seder plate collage, explore the galleries, and more!

Ages 3 & up

Noon – 1:30 pm


Mr. Marc and DJ Mikey Palms will host the Baby Loves Disco dance party spinning a mix of classic dance hits for all ages to enjoy. Kids can shake their feet and dance together to spirited tunes in honor of Passover, from Bob Marley’s Freedom Song to Matisyahu. Dances will be invented and inspired by the holiday, including the “matzah ball bump” and the “frog hop twist”.

2 pm

PERFORMANCE: The Macaroons

Enjoy the big harmonies, irresistible melodies, and guitar-based sounds that recall everything from the Kinks, to Queen, to the Shins. The Macaroons deliver catchy pop-rock with tunes for the Passover holiday and more that will keep the whole family grooving to their delicious beats.

Noon – 4 pm


Passover Art in the Round

How might you express the story and symbols of Passover through painting? Inspired by Passover plates and Nicole Eisenman’s painting Seder, create a scene on circular watercolor paper that depicts your favorite images from the holiday.

Matzah Storybooks

Create a story in the form of an accordion book that shares a memory or imaginative tale with matzah as the centerpiece.

Giant Seder Plate Collage

Drawing inspiration from contemporary and traditional Seder plates in the Museum’s collection, collaborate on a giant Seder plate collage using magazine paper, colored tape, and many other random items.

12:30 & 1:30 pm


A brief tour highlighting objects on view related to Passover, including a sketching activity.

All day


Specialized printed family gallery hunts for Masterpieces & Curiosities: Nicole Eisenman’s Seder will be available.

Free with Museum Admission.