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Explore the intersection of 4,000 years of art and Jewish culture through nearly 30,000 important objects spanning fine and folk art, Judaica, antiquities and broadcast media.


Since the 1960s, feminists have defied an art world dominated by men. Some art historians have argued that Jewish feminists are particularly attuned to sexuality, radical politics, and injustice. Indeed, Jewish painters have played decisive roles in founding and sustaining major feminist theories and art collectives. Feminist-influenced painting generated new ideas and challenged old ones, shifting the gaze to encompass women's history, experience, and material culture.

These provocative paintings embody the tension between individual expression and collective politics, between a traditional medium and radical action. Some of the paintings address issues specific to women artists, such as the representation of the body or the legitimacy of craft and decorative arts, while others address social issues that galvanized radical protest. This online tour explores how social revolutions take place not only in the realm of ideas and politics, but in style and form.

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Dana Frankfort, American, b. 1971

Star of David (Orange)

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Rachel Kanter, American, b. 1970

Prayer Shawl Fringed Garment

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Helène Aylon, American, b. 1931

Honey and Apple Plate

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Laurel J. Robinson, American, b. 1952

Purim Set Purim Kit 2000

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Harriete Estel Berman, American, b. 1952

Seder Plate A Woman Belongs on the Bimah as Much as an Orange Belongs on a Seder Plate

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Mila Tanya Griebel, British, b. 1963

Marriage Ring Marriage, I would rather have a cup of tea!

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Amy Klein Reichert, American, b. 1959

Miriam Cup

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Nancy Spero, American, 1926-2009

Masha Bruskina

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Cary Leibowitz, American, b. 1963

I’m a Jew, how ‘bout U?!!

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Aimee Golant, American, b. 1973

Mezuzah Case

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Elaine Reichek, American, b. 1943

Sampler (Jesse Reichek)

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