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Food and Drink

Food and drink often serve ceremonial functions in Judaism, whether as part of a ritual meal, to sanctify the Sabbath and festivals, or to fulfill Jewish dietary laws. Holiday meals generally incorporate universally prescribed ritual foods as well as local and informal culinary traditions. Jewish dietary laws (kashrut) mandate how certain foods should be prepared and forbid the consumption of certain types of animals, birds, and fish. Blessings are recited before and after meals to thank God for providing sustenance. Every Sabbath and festival is ushered in with the blessings over wine and hallah bread (the exception being Passover, when unleavened bread, or matzah, is consumed instead), while each holiday may have specific foods associated with it, such as the matzah on Passover or apples and honey on the Jewish New Year. Symbolic foods that are not consumed at all, but still have ceremonial significance, include the shank bone on the Passover seder plate and the etrog (citron) fruit of Sukkot. The variety of ways in which food figures into Jewish practice reflects the importance of this facet of Jewish life in creating memory and identity for communities around the world.

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Studio Armadillo: Hadas Kruk (Israeli, b. 1970), Anat Stein (Israeli, b. 1972), Sharon Samish-Dagan (Israeli, b. 1971)


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Alyssa Dee Krauss, American, b. 1962

Kiddush Cup Blessed

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Piet Cohen, Dutch, b. 1935

Etrog Container

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Moshe Zabari, Israeli, b. 1935

Matzah Plate Tray for the Fourth Matzah

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Louise Fishman, American, b. 1939


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Nodar Djindjihashvili, American, b. Russia, 1939-2002

Baking of Mazzot, Tbilisi

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Sol Nodel, American, 1912-1976

Tin for Barton’s Candy for the New Year

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Reuven Rubin, Israeli, b. Romania, 1893-1974


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Ludwig Yehuda Wolpert, American, b. Germany, 1900-1981

Passover Set

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Peter Blume, American, b. Russia 1906-1992

Pig’s Feet and Vinegar

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Berthold Wolpe, British, b. Germany, 1905-1989

Wall Hanging

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Max Weber, American, b. Russia, 1881-1961

Still Life with Challah

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