Susan L. Braunstein

Henry J. Leir Senior Curator

Susan L. Braunstein was appointed the Henry J. Leir Curator at the Jewish Museum in 2012. She is primarily responsible for the collections of historical and contemporary Judaica, antiquities and numismatics. She joined the staff in 1980 as a Research Associate after working at the Brooklyn Museum in the Department of Egyptian, Classical and Near Eastern Art. Dr. Braunstein has created numerous exhibitions for the Jewish Museum, including Israel in Antiquity: From David to Herod (1982); Jewish Life in Czarist Russia: A World Rediscovered (1994); The Dead Sea Scrolls: Mysteries of the Ancient World (2008); and As it were, So to speak: a Museum Collection in Dialogue with Barbara Bloom (2013). Her specialties include the archaeology of Israel and Hanukkah lamps; in 2004 she published a catalogue of the Museum’s entire collection of 1,022 Hanukkah lamps. Dr. Braunstein has a PhD in Art History and Archaeology from Columbia University.​