Picture This! Sukkah Models

Virtual Tour + Art Workshop


Sunday, September 19, 2021
10 – 11 am
Zoom, Virtual Program

Ages 4-7

Discover mixed-media works of art related to the fall holidays in a virtual tour with interactive activities. Create a whimsical sukkah model using cardboard, paper, found textures, and other natural materials. Explore your creativity through this intimate and multi-faceted program focusing on striking art in the Jewish Museum’s collection.

Free with RSVP.

RSVP for Zoom link, one ticket per family. Zoom information will be sent with email confirmation.

Materials to gather:
Cereal/granola boxes (lightweight cardboard)
Heavier weight paper or cardstock or tagboard
Shoe box (younger children) 
Leaves, sticks, natural finds
Construction paper
Tape or Glue
Paper & Pencil

Optional: popsicle sticks, wire, magazine images of nature

While this program is presented free with RSVP, we appreciate your support of family programs at the Jewish Museum. The optional purchase of one ticket per household helps support our online concert series and virtual art workshops and tours for families.

Allan Wexler, Sukkah Model, 1988