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Family Programs offer unique, engaging, and unexpected artistic and cultural experiences for visitors of all ages and abilities, from online concerts and art-making workshops to creative activity guides that families can enjoy together at the Museum or at home.


Our calendar of family concerts includes an eclectic range of hip kids’ music, performed by well-known, award-winning musicians.


Create works of art together in our studio using an array of artists’ materials and techniques inspired by our exhibitions. Join us for our Studio Art Sessions on Sundays, vacation week programs, and Access Family Programs.

Kids Gallery Guides

Whether on a visit to the Museum or from home, tour our exhibitions with a printed family guide, designed for families to use together inspired by art from our collection and exhibitions. Click on any thumbnail or title to download a PDF.

Gallery Guides & Activities

Past Exhibitions

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Holiday Art Activities

Explore the Jewish holidays with our activity guides for creating projects at home.
Click on any thumbnail or title to download a PDF.

Tips for Parents

How can my children and I better engage with art as a family?

  • Follow your child’s lead. What sparks his or her interest?
  • Look closely. List what you notice in a work of art. Explore the colors, shapes, textures, and materials that you see. Discuss what is happening in a scene.
  • Take your time. Give your kids time to make close observations.
  • Choose a theme. Plan your Museum visit around an idea or topic, such as people, place, nature, color, shape or materials. Hunt for specific images or objects in the galleries. Discuss the artwork by asking questions related to your theme. For example: Find a work of art that involves something from nature such as an animal, tree or plant. Have you ever seen this animal or plant before? Where? How is this work of art similar or different from the real animal or plant?
  • Ask open-ended questions, such as: What do you think is interesting about this work of art? What do you think is happening in this scene? Does this remind you of anything?

Family Partnerships

Immersive experiences for parents and children

The Jewish Museum is interested in engaging with families across the city, both on- and off-site. The Museum has been involved with the Literacy Through Culture program through its partnership with Cool Culture; has engaged with Parent Associations at the Dalton School and the Hannah Senesh Community Day School; and has partnered with organizations such as Reboot and Baby Loves Disco. We look forward to working with other like-minded organizations interested in family outreach.

For more information and inquiries about Family Partnerships, please contact familyprograms@thejm.org.