Thu, Jan 29

7 – 7:15 PM

A Child of the Ghetto

2015 New York Jewish Film Festival

World-renowned banjo player Alison Brown accompanies this classic from Hollywood legend D.W. Griffith: a documentary-like short tale of a woman’s innocent crime in New York’s bustling Lower East Side and her subsequent escape to the country and romance with a young farmer. Film restoration and new English intertitles by The National Center for Jewish Film.


11:45 AM – 12 PM

Exhibition Introduction

Dani Gal: As from Afar

These 15-minute exhibition introductions are led by the Museum’s docents and meet on Floor 2.

12:15 – 1 PM

Gallery Tour

Helena Rubinstein: Beauty Is Power

These 45-minute tours are led by the Museum’s docents and meet in the lobby.


1 – 2:28 PM

The Go-Go Boys: The Inside Story of Cannon Films

2015 New York Jewish Film Festival

Pioneering Israeli film producers Menachem Golan and Yoram Globus are paid tribute in this documentary featuring a range of interviews with Chuck Norris, Jean-Claude Van Damme, and other B-movie talent, as well as Golan and Globus themselves.


3:30 – 5:15 PM

Felix and Meira

2015 New York Jewish Film Festival

When Meira, an Orthodox wife and mother with an undercurrent of rebelliousness, meets Felix, a middle-aged atheist adrift without family ties, a slow-booming affair takes shape in this Montreal-set drama that unfolds like a classic forbidden-love novel.


5 – 8 PM

Pay-What-You-Wish Thursday Nights

Pay-What-You-Wish every Thursday with open galleries from 5 – 8 pm.

Special Hours

7:30 – 9 PM


Bang on a Can: Beauty Is Power

Maya Beiser is the post-modern diva of the cello. Raised in the Galilee Mountains in Israel, surrounded with the music and rituals of Jews, Muslims, and Christians, while studying classical cello repertoire, Maya Beiser has dedicated her work to reinventing solo cello performance in the mainstream classical area.